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Porsche Cayman

*or similar South Africa Porsche Cayman low cost rental 223 per day Book Now

Peugeot RCZ

*or similar South Africa Peugeot  RCZ budget hire 78 per day Book Now

Volkswagen Touareg

*or similar South Africa Volkswagen Touareg budget rental 159 per day Book Now

Aston Martin DB9

*or similar South Africa Aston Martin DB9 cheap hire 689 per day Book Now

Dodge Challenger

*or similar South Africa Dodge Challenger low price rent 88 per day Book Now

Audi A6

*or similar South Africa Audi A6 low budget hire 129 per day Book Now

Chrysler 200 Convertible

*or similar South Africa Chrysler  200 Convertible cheap rent 66 per day Book Now

BMW 6 Series Convertible

*or similar South Africa BMW 6 Series Convertible low budget rent 159 per day Book Now


*or similar South Africa BMW Z4 budget hire 149 per day Book Now

Range Rover Sport

*or similar South Africa Range  Rover Sport economical rental 252 per day Book Now

Premium cars for hire in are comprised of vehicles with cutting edge technology and ultimate comfort. Premium cars are usually smaller than executive cars, and are also referred to as Compact Executive Cars (or Compact Premium Cars).
Among those luxury car rentals you can find the Mercedes C class. It is an automatic transmission car that looks like a large station-wagon with 5 seats for passengers, 5 doors, and plenty of room for luggage. The Mercedes E class, also under the premium car rental category, is also an automatic car for 5 passengers with an option for 4 or 5 doors and even grater room for luggage. This car is extremely stylish and is equipped with satellite navigation and other luxurious elements. If you wish to shift the gear yourself and hire a manual transmission car, the BMW X3 is a good option - it is a crossover SUV, stylish and spacious, fitted the for 5 passengers and many room for luggage.
Online renting a premium luxury car in , while reaching to the best deal and price, is to boost any trip or holiday.

With Bingo Car Rental you can search for low cost car rentals deals by searching hundreds of car hire agencies in and so providing yourself the best rate for your car. To rent a low priced car in South Africa is easy and fast (when you are looking for a last minute rental) with Bingo Car Rental.

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Cheapest car in four months

Mercedes C Class Auto (with Sat Nav) Mercedes C Class Auto (with Sat Nav) €50 per day Book now

Premium Car Rental

Premium cars are vehicles with cutting edge technology and ultimate comfort, yet smaller than executive cars. Known as Compact Executive Cars or Compact Premium Cars, they are ideal for drivers looking for an affordable luxury vehicle that is smaller, lighter to drive and more fuel-efficient than an Executive or Luxury Car. The body style is often a hatchback or compact wagon, though premium sedans are also increasing common. Drive a premium car in South Africa at a lower price when you book a rent a car with Bingo Car Rental.

Compact Premium Cars

A compact premium car is a luxurious supermini that is often popular with drivers looking for a reliable small car that is cheap to run but drives well and offers maximum comfort and style.
The Audi A3 is a fantastic premium compact and ideal for a luxurious small family car, as is the BMW 1 Series, a hatchback that offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Another option is the Hyundai i20 for an economical yet spacious vehicle that comes with a range of safety features and proves to be a good car to drive around town.

Larger Compact Executive Car Rental in South Africa

A premium car may also be a sedan or an estate model, providing affordable luxury for all passengers, allowing them to travel in safety and comfort. A premium sedan may be a good rental car for business travellers or for families with children, ideal for those looking for a comfortable car that is cheaper than an executive car. Rent a Hyundai Sonata diesel or the Mercedes C Class saloon, an automatic transmission car that has 5 doors and plenty of room for luggage. The Mercedes E class also sits under the premium car rental category and is a luxurious automatic car for 5 people with a large luggage capacity and comfort for all passengers.

Premium Compact SUV Hire

If you are looking for a larger vehicle or a 4x4, why not hire an affordable premium Compact SUV in South Africa. The Honda CR-V is roomy, comfortable, offers a solid performance and is equipped with plenty of technical features, whilst the Jeep Cherokee offers great off-road capability, is fitted with a powerful V6 engine and has a luxurious interior. The Hyundai Tucson is also an excellent premium compact SUV to rent in South Africa and is popular due to its firm handling and powerful engine, as well as its finely cut interior. Drive the best quality compact SUVs at affordable prices when you rent your premium car with Bingo Car Rental.

Automatic or Manual Premium Cars

Choosing between an automatic or manual transmission Premium Car is a personal choice, depending on whether you prefer the ease of an automatic or the sense of control that driving a manual gear car gives you. The fuel economy of a manual car is usually much better in stick shift-equipped cars, though driving one takes some getting used to compared to an automatic, particularly if you are unused to the particular model or brand of car. We have a full range of premium models available so that you can choose the ideal automatic premium or manual compact executive rental car in South Africa for you.

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