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Audi A8

*or similar South Africa Audi A8 low cost rental 163 per day Book Now

Nissan Note

*or similar South Africa Nissan Note budget hire 68 per day Book Now

Opel Insignia Diesel Automatic SW

*or similar South Africa Opel  Insignia Diesel Automatic SW budget rental 85 per day Book Now

Oldsmobile Alero

*or similar South Africa Oldsmobile Alero cheap hire 48 per day Book Now

Chevrolet Impala LS

*or similar South Africa Chevrolet Impala LS low price rent 44 per day Book Now

Volkswagen Tiguan (with Sat Nav)

*or similar South Africa Volkswagen Tiguan (with Sat Nav) low budget hire 79 per day Book Now

Ford F-150

*or similar South Africa Ford F-150 cheap rent 74 per day Book Now

Renault Megane

*or similar South Africa Renault Megane low budget rent 46 per day Book Now

Peugeot 307

*or similar South Africa Peugeot 307 budget hire 119 per day Book Now

Hyundai Elantra

*or similar South Africa Hyundai Elantra economical rental 48 per day Book Now

Estate cars are synonymous to Station Wagon cars - those cars have a roof over the baggage part of the car. Rent a low priced estate car in when you need room for 5-7 passengers with place for luggage. The main benefit of station wagon cars is that the luggage is accessible from inside the car, a big advantage if you are hiring a car for a family with small children or in the winter. In any case, this car can fit for anyone traveling South Africa.
Stationwagons to hire are for example the Ford Mondeo Station Wagon for 5 passengers (manual car) with enough room for luggage. The Volkswagen Passat Station Wagon is also suitable for 5 people, but has an even greeter space for luggage. It has a sports car look and is ideal for families or small medium groups.
Estate cars for hire sometimes have off road abilities (4x4 station wagons) and this will enable more control and possibilities in your trip to South Africa.
Renting a station wagon in is a great way to travel and you can hire a low priced estate car with Bingo Car hire!

Bingo Car Rental operates a powerful search engine for low cost car rentals deals, and by searching hundreds of car hire companies in provides the best rate for your car. To hire a low priced car in South Africa is easy and fast (when you are looking for a last minute hire) with Bingo Car Rental - in any South Africa airport, bus or train station.

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Toyota Hilux Double Cab Toyota Hilux Double Cab €78 per day Book now

Rent an Estate Car

An estate car or station wagon is an ideal rental car in South Africa when you need room for 5-7 passengers with place for luggage. Built on the sedan/saloon model, with the roof extended at the back for additional cargo space and often with an extra row of folding or removable seating, this is a great family car and perfect for road trips or travelling with children and dogs. Whether you are looking for an affordable family car or a luxurious executive model, there are a wide range of Station Wagons available to suit your needs.

Hire a Small Family Station Wagon

Estate cars don’t have to be huge, so if you are looking for a smaller estate, such as a manual five seater Ford Mondeo Station Wagon or the Volkswagen Passat Station Wagon, you will enjoy the benefits of a vehicle, larger than a hatchback, which will still fit easily into your garage. The manual Citroeon C5 Tourer comes with fitted with a sat nav and offers comfort with air conditioning and the latest safety features; an ideal rental car in South Africa for large families, sports equipment or those travelling with a lot of luggage.

Rent a Premium Estate Car in South Africa

For a larger more luxurious estate car to hire in South Africa, you could choose an Audi A4 station wagon diesel, popular for its handsome looks, powerful engine and athletic performance, whilst the automatic BMW 5 Series Estate is also a strong executive tourer with generous space for passengers and their luggage. The Mercedes E Class station wagon is a luxurious choice for a large estate with excellent suspension, refinement and a huge boot, as well as lots of leg and headroom and folding seats for additional storage space.

Hire a 7 seater Station Wagon

Sometimes you need the flexibility to choose between extra storage space and additional passenger seats. Estate cars often have a folding third row of seating for carrying an additional two passengers, so if you are looking for a large 5+2 estate rental in South Africa, you could choose a 7 seater Chrysler Voyager for safe and secure family vehicle or the smart Peugeot 307 Wagon (with Sat Nav), ideal for vacations with large families and friends.

Manual, Automatic and Diesel Estate Car Rental in South Africa

Some drivers prefer the ease of an automatic transmission estate car, whilst others feel more in control behind the wheel of a manual station wagon. Whatever your preference, we have the ideal car for you, including the manual transmission Skoda Octavia estate for a great family car hire and the executive Mercedes C Class Automatic Stationwagon with optional GPS. If you are trying to keep your costs down, a diesel engine will save you money in fuel costs, and the stylish diesel Hyundai i40 Tourer is a powerful estate with a large boot space.

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