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Audi R8

*or similar South Africa Audi R8 low cost rental 584 per day Book Now

Peugeot RCZ

*or similar South Africa Peugeot  RCZ budget hire 78 per day Book Now

BMW 7 Series Automatic (Sat Nav)

*or similar South Africa BMW 7 Series Automatic (Sat Nav) budget rental 168 per day Book Now

Suzuki SX4

*or similar South Africa Suzuki SX4 cheap hire 43 per day Book Now

Mercedes Sprinter Automatic 17 Seater

*or similar South Africa Mercedes  Sprinter Automatic 17 Seater low price rent 241 per day Book Now

Chrysler Journey

*or similar South Africa Chrysler Journey low budget hire 79 per day Book Now

Fiat Punto tdi

*or similar South Africa Fiat Punto tdi cheap rent 53 per day Book Now

Audi A3 Cabriolet Automatic

*or similar South Africa Audi A3 Cabriolet Automatic low budget rent 132 per day Book Now

Audi A4 Automatic 2/4 door

*or similar South Africa Audi A4 Automatic 2/4 door budget hire 98 per day Book Now

Nissan Note

*or similar South Africa Nissan Note economical rental 68 per day Book Now

Many do not know what is the meaning of an "Automatic car" - what else can a car be? So, for those who are unaware, automatic cars will shift the gear automatically while in manual transmission cars the driver has to do that manually. Usually, Manual cars are cheaper than automatic cars for rental, but other considerations should take place too - driving an automatic car for rental is much easier than driving a manual one, especially when traveling a new destination for vacation or business. If you need to concentrate in finding the right direction it would be a good idea to minimize any other possible distractions and to hire an automatic transmission car in .
Automatic car rentals appear in all car categories of cheap cars rentals in - there are automatic cars among compact cars, family cars, minivans, premium and executive cars and others. If you consider automatic transmission to be important for you, just filter the results to show only the automatic cars in .
Bingo Car Rental will provide you the best rates for automatic cars for hire by comparing low cost car rentals of hundreds of car hire companies. Renting a low priced car in South Africa is easy and fast (for last minute hire) with Bingo Car Rental.

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Toyota Avensis Automatic Toyota Avensis Automatic €35 per day Book now

Rent an Automatic Car

When looking for cheap car hire in South Africa you can choose between a manual or automatic transmission. A car with automatic gear is easier to drive especially in heavy traffic in the city or on the highway, and automatic cars are available in all shapes and sizes, including small city cars, family sedans and large station wagons. You can also rent an automatic SUV for the ultimate off road driving experience or a larger automatic MPV for travelling with groups of 7, 8 or 9 people.

Automatic Compact and Mid-Size Car Hire

A cheap compact or small family car with automatic transmission is perfect for inner cities and everyday driving, whilst for a larger family car and travelling on the open road, try a larger automatic mid-size car. Hire an automatic Audi A3 for a striking little hatchback with plenty of room for five people and generous boot space, or for the added fun of open top driving, the Audi A3 convertible is a great choice. A Toyota Auris Hybrid is a good car for an economic automatic supermini, try a larger Volkswagen Golf for a stylish and comfortable family car rental with a dual clutch automatic gear box or a book a fuel-efficient 4 door Ford Focus hatchback with 6-speed automatic transmission.

Automatic Full Size and Estate Car Rental

For more space and comfort, check our full-size car hire in South Africa and select a spacious 5 seat sedan such as the automatic Nissan Altima, the 5 passenger Chevrolet Impala or an affordable full-size car such as the five passenger Toyota Avalon automatic sedan. An estate car rental, or stationwagon as it is also known, is a fantastic automatic car if you need room for 5 or 7 passengers and ample cargo space. The BMW 5 Series Estate with Sat Nav is an excellent executive automatic tourer, whilst the Ford Focus Stationwagon is a small, economical and well-equipped family estate car.

7 Seater and MPV Automatic Hire in South Africa

To transport groups of 7 or more passengers, hire an automatic minivan such as the 7 seater Chrysler Grand Voyager automatic. This luxury minivan has more than enough space for 7 and is fitted with Stow ‘n Go rear seats that simply fold away to create more storage space. Search with Bingo Car Rental to find out how much it costs to hire the Dodge Grand Caravan, a 7 seater minivan with 6-speed automatic transmission or the Mercedes Viano 8 seater MPV with five-speed automatic drive. For a larger minibus, the large 8 or 9 person automatic Renault Traffic passenger van has a roomy interior that provides plenty of head and leg space for passenger and their luggage, ideal for transporting business clients or for small group travel.

Automatic SUV and 4x4 Hire in South Africa

Many customers are looking for a strong performing Crossover SUV or SUV with automatic transmission, enabling them to focus on the off road driving. A BMW X3 Automatic Diesel is agile and comfortable 4x4 for off-road adventures, whilst an automatic SUV such as the Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 makes sure all passengers travel in comfort and safety and benefits from an impressive V8 engine and six-speed automatic transmission. Check out the sporty diesel Audi Q7 4x4 or book a robust 4x4 such as the Range Rover Sport, for a large luxury SUV that is one of the leaders in the off-road vehicle segment.

Automatic Luxury Car Rentals

In the executive car segment, there is a range of a luxury automatic cars to choose from, and depending on whether you are looking for a flashy little sports car for a special event or a traditional large wedding car hire for one day, we have a range of luxury cars for you. The automatic Aston Martin DB9, the stylish automatic Audi TT Coupe and the luxury 2 door, 2-seat automatic Bentley Continental GTC are all outstanding sports cars, whilst if it is an automatic supercar you are looking to rent, you can’t go wrong with the high performance Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe. A Mercedes S500 is ideal if you wish to hire a full size automatic luxury car, whilst the automatic Bentley Flying Spur is the ultimate luxury wedding car. No matter what the reason for hiring a car with Bingo Car Rental in South Africa, we will find the best deals on all automatic car rentals, helping you find the perfect automatic car for you.

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