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Volkswagen Up

*or similar Italy Volkswagen Up low budget rental 33 per day Book Now

Suzuki Mini Moke soft top automatic

*or similar Italy Suzuki Mini Moke soft top automatic low cost rental 30 per day Book Now

Chevrolet Zafira 5+2 seater

*or similar Italy Chevrolet Zafira 5+2 seater economical hire 72 per day Book Now

Nissan Caravan Camper

*or similar Italy Nissan Caravan Camper discount rental 68 per day Book Now

Kia Picanto

*or similar Italy Kia Picanto low price rent 38 per day Book Now

Ford Luton Box with Tail Lift 3.5t

*or similar Italy Ford Luton Box with Tail Lift 3.5t cheap hire 165 per day Book Now

Peugeot 207 Stationwagon

*or similar Italy Peugeot 207 Stationwagon affordable hire 61 per day Book Now

Renault Megane Cabriolet

*or similar Italy Renault Megane Cabriolet low priced rental 69 per day Book Now

Chrysler Grand Voyager Diesel

*or similar Italy Chrysler Grand Voyager Diesel economy hire 146 per day Book Now

Peugeot 807 7 seater

*or similar Italy Peugeot 807 7 seater economy rental 80 per day Book Now

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  • High season average price: 91

Cheapest car in four months

Hyundai i40 Stationwagon tdi Hyundai i40 Stationwagon tdi €66 per day Book now

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City Car Rental

City driving is a fun way to get out and about and explore all corners of the city. With a wide range of vehicles suitable for city driving to choose from, including small city cars that have the benefit of being easy to manoeuvre and park, as well as having lower fuel costs, and premium small cars for that added luxury and style, we will help you to find the ideal city car rental for you vacation or business trip.

Small City Cars

Small cars are ideal in Gioiosa Marea. Both comfortable and easy to drive, a supermini offers day-to-day practicality, its compact size makes it easy to park and it is ideal for nipping in and out of traffic. One of the major attractions of a city car is its fuel-efficiency, and the low running costs ensure that you save money. Choose a smart Toyota Aygo whose reduced size and weight makes it lighter and more economical to drive, or a Peugeot 107 for a stylish little city car with a fantastic fuel consumption. The Hyundai i10 is an excellent small car with light steering and good visibility that makes it easy to park, whilst the Ford Fiesta hatchback is a classic small car that combines style, efficiency and practicality. Some parts of the city are easier to explore on foot, but your rental a car will be very useful for trips out of town, or as a starting point for a tour of the rest of the country with our one-way rental services.

Luxury Small Cars

For a premium small car, an Audi A1 is a smart supermini that looks great driving around town, as does the luxurious BMW1 series, a rear drive subcompact city car with a strong performance and economical on the road. For an affordable open-top driving experience in Gioiosa Marea, the stylish Peugeot 206 Cabriolet is a handsome convertible supermini.

Manual City Cars or Automatic City Cars

The constant stopping and starting can be tiring for drivers operating a manual car and many city drivers opt for an automatic transmission. Choose an automatic 3 door Chevrolet Aveo, a Ford Focus Automatic hatchback or a 5 door Hyundai Getz for a reliable small car. If you prefer the feeling of control that a manual transmission gives you, a manual Chevrolet Astra, a compact manual 3 door Kia Picanto or a stylish manual Peugeot 107 are excellent rental choices.

Larger Cars for City Driving

For a larger city car, choose a practical yet cheap to run mid-size family car such as the Skoda Octavia or the Ford Fusion tdi. For travelling with larger groups of 7 or more passengers, a 7 or 8 seater MPV such as the Audi Q7 or the Ford Galaxy tdi is a great way to get around, whilst a flexible 7 seater Toyota Verso 5+2 makes an ideal large family car. For 8 passengers, a Mercedes Viano 8 Seater is an excellent minivan that provides safety and comfort, as well as plenty of style.

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