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Rent a minivan in if you are a small group of people or if you're family needs additional luggage space. Minivans are usually 7 seat cars so that seven passengers would fit in conveniently. Minivans are ideal for day trips from your hotel and back, i.e. traveling lightly without heavy suitcases, however, minivans for hire will be less convenient for traveling with the maximum number of passengers if they travel with heavy packages - the luggage space is usually not suited for seven people. If you need the 7 seater for the full number of passengers and their luggage, it would be recommended to hire a van instead.
For instance, the Volkswagen Touran (manual transmission) contains seats for 7 passengers, however, there is barely room for luggage. The Ford Galaxy, also with 7 seats, has a bit more luggage room, but not every passenger can bring along a decent suitcase.
It is usually possible to fold the backseats (if there are less than 7 passengers) to gain more room for luggage. Therefore, for those who are looking to rent a 6 seater car - this is really the car category that is relevant for you. Six passengers will use 6 seats and fold the seventh chair and use it for a place for luggage.
A minivan is also named a "people carrier" is various countries. In other countries, the common term for this car rental category is MPV (multi purpose vehicle). You can rent a low priced MPV in any airport in Canada and drop it of in another airport or train station.
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Ford Club Wagon 15 Seater Ford Club Wagon 15 Seater €150 per day Book now

Minivan Hire

Minivans, multi-purpose vehicles (MPV’s), people-carriers or people-movers are the ideal rental choice in Canada for people looking to transport large families, groups of 5, 7 or more. An MPV will give you and your passengers more space and comfort, are usually designed with larger dimensions and make smart use of their interior space. Ideal for long journeys, day trips or transporting business executives, the seats of a minivan are generally located higher than in smaller cars, providing a more upright seating position and more leg and head room. Flexibility and versatility is the key to a good minivan, utilising cleverly designed folding seats that can be stowed or removed to create additional luggage space and allowing drivers to choose between 5 and 7 seats. The extra two seats are often more suitable for children and short journeys, though some larger models will feature three rows of seats that are genuinely comfortable for adults. Read on to find out which minivan is most suited to your driving needs.

Rent a Compact MPV

Hiring a smaller compact minivan is the most economical option, and when it comes to minivans, sometimes less is more. Being cheaper to rent than a large Minivan, and benefitting from lower fuel costs, a compact MPV is a sensible choice if you are watching your budget. The Chevrolet Zafira 5+2 seater rental is a smart choice for a small 7-person vehicle, as is the Citroen Picasso 5+2 seater. Choose the Peugeot Partner 5 or 7 seater for a reliable and economic minivan hire, or select the Renault Modus for a solid little mini MPV. Save money on your minivan by renting a diesel MPV, offering better fuel consumption and delivering more miles per gallon than a standard petrol engine. Find out what savings you can make on your gasoline costs when you drive your Ford Galaxy tdi diesel, the Volkswagen Touran automatic TDI or the Citroen C8 Tdi rental in Canada.

7 seater Minivan and Minibus Rentals in Canada

For seven or more adult passengers, a full size MPV or Minivan is the vehicle for you. The 7 seater Dodge Grand Caravan is a smart minivan whose clever ‘stow ‘n go’ seating allows you to interchange between people carrier and cargo van, whilst the Kia Sedona is a powerful and comfortable minivan for 7 persons that is fitted with an impressive V6 engine and 6 speed automatic transmission. The Ford Galaxy 7 seater MPV offers space, comfort and first-rate driving, whilst the roomy Volkswagen Sharan is ideal for any family vacation or road trip. If you want to know how much it costs to hire an 8 seater, then check out our range of 8 or 9 seater people carriers, such as the 8 seater Chevrolet Spin, the 9 person Fiat Scudo and the 12 seat Hyundai H1 minibus.

Luxury Minivan Hire

With a larger budget, you might be looking for a larger minivan that offers luxury, style, passenger comfort, versatility and excellent driving dynamics. The Citroen Berlingo benefits from a vast interior space, practical sliding rear doors and provides surprisingly enjoyable driving experience, whilst the refined Mercedes Viano MPV is always a popular premium people carrier. For luxury, power and a good fuel economy, the 7 seater Volkswagen Touran TDI may be the right MPV for you, or perhaps you want to hire a smart 9 seater van such as the automatic Mercedes Vito. Ensure that you and your passengers enjoy a truly comfortable ride with our luxury MPV and minivan rentals.

Automatic or Manual Minivan Rental in Canada

Choosing between automatic or manual transmission is a personal choice; some drivers prefer the extra control that manual shift gives you, whilst others prefer the ease of automatic gears, especially for city driving. Some will opt for a manual transmission as it is thought to be more fuel-efficient than an automatic, though in fact nowadays the differences are often negligible. In the US and much of Europe, automatic cars are often standard, and to drive a manual you will have to specifically request a stick shift car, whilst manual transmission remains the norm in the UK. For a reliable automatic minivan, the 7 seat Kia Sedona is a good choice, as is the Chrysler Grand Voyager automatic and the Automatic Toyota Previa. Try the Renault Grand Espcace with Sat Nav if you want a well-equipped manual MPV, or the manual 8 seater Toyota Quantum for a comfortable and reliable passenger van.

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