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Toyota Avanza 5 seater

*or similar Morocco Toyota Avanza 5 seater budget rent 66 per day Book Now

Nissan Urvan

*or similar Morocco Nissan Urvan economy hire 90 per day Book Now

Toyota Minibus

*or similar Morocco Toyota Minibus economic hire 124 per day Book Now

Ford Ecoline 8 Seater

*or similar Morocco Ford Ecoline 8 Seater low priced rent 100 per day Book Now

Chrysler Grand Voyager Diesel

*or similar Morocco Chrysler Grand Voyager Diesel low priced rent 103 per day Book Now

Renault Espace 7 seater

*or similar Morocco Renault Espace 7 seater inexpensive rental 125 per day Book Now

Volkswagen Transporter

*or similar Morocco Volkswagen Transporter affordable rental 159 per day Book Now

Peugeot Partner 5 seater

*or similar Morocco Peugeot Partner 5 seater economic rental 45 per day Book Now

Volkswagen Sharan

*or similar Morocco Volkswagen Sharan economy rental 119 per day Book Now

Peugeot 807 7 seater

*or similar Morocco Peugeot 807 7 seater affordable rent 80 per day Book Now

Visit Morocco and enjoy the highlights of this fascinating country in North Africa. Separated from mainland Europe by the Strait of Gibraltar and just 20 miles from Southern Spain, this traditional Islamic country is full of vibrant markets, aromatic food, medieval cities and whitewashed towns, as well as dramatic mountain ranges and desert. You can collect your 7 seater on arrival in Morocco’s northern city of Tangier, at the ferry port or Tangier Ibn Battouta Airport (TNG) and begin your Moroccan adventure by car.

Tangier has a long and colourful history, and as you walk around you will see the contrast of the bustling Kasbah in the medieval walled Old City (Medina) and the grand new modern structures. Take a drive in your 7 seater hire east of Tangier to Ceuta, a Spanish enclave, before heading out to the towns and beach resorts dotted along the 500 miles or so of Mediterranean coastline, including pretty Chefchaouen and through the Rif Mountain region, until you reach the holiday town of Saïdia.

On the North Atlantic coast to the west of Morocco you will find the capital Rabat, an elegant city with wide boulevards and cafes, whilst driving further south will bring you to the dynamic city of Casablanca, before hitting a string of laid back coastal resorts along the South Atlantic coast and the historic coastal city of Essaouira. Continue south to the large city of Agadir, an arrival point for many tourists attracted to the beach resorts of the region, and due to its proximity to the Sahara Desert and the Anti Atlas Mountains. You can also pick up your 7 seater hire at Agadir-Al Massira Airport (AGA).

In the High Atlas region you will find Northern Africa’s greatest mountain range, a place popular with trekkers and hikers and inhabited by Morocco’s Berber population, as well as the grand city of Marrakesh. You can fly straight into Marrakech-Menara Airport (RAK) and soon find yourself immersed in a large bustling city, with the ancient walled Medina at its heart. The main square Djemaa el Fna lies at the centre of the Medina and is always busy with performers, tourists and snake charmers, whilst the Souks to the north are a place where once can buy all kinds of spices, food and leather goods.

MoroccoAs you travel north through the mountainous Middle Atlas region, you will find the former capital Fez, a medieval city that is home to the world’s oldest university and an ancient and superbly preserved walled old city, the medina Fes el-Bali. The centre of Fez is car-free, but you will find a car useful to get out and about in the region, and to the more laid-back city of Meknes to the north of Fez. You may also plan to travel east into Saharan Morocco, the hot and dry desert that sits between Morocco and neighbouring Algeria or to the Western Sahara region to the south, formerly a Spanish colony but now a disputed region that includes the city of Laayoune and Tarfaya, a small coastal town on the border. Morocco is a truly amazing country to visit, so make sure you experience the wonderful diversity of the landscapes and its vibrant culture when you hire one of our 7 seaters in Morocco.

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Car rental insights

  • Weekly rental price in Morocco: 428.4
  • Most rented car is Range Rover Sport
  • High season average price: 1120

Cheapest car in four months

Volkswagen Touran  5+2 seater Volkswagen Touran 5+2 seater €71 per day Book now

7 Seater Car Rentals

Whether you are planning your family vacation or travelling with a small group, a seven seater car is the ideal choice for you. 7 seater vehicles include a range of MPV’s, Minivan’s and People Carrier’s, as well as large family estates and SUV’s. A seven seater may be a 5+2, which gives you the flexibility between 2 folding seats or extra luggage space, or may have 3 fixed rows with comfortable seating for 7 adults. It is also possible to hire an automatic Wheelchair Accessible Minivan, and whichever 7 seater you choose to hire in Morocco you will find it is a practical choice for a range of transportation needs, so read on to find the perfect 7 seater car rental for you.

7 seater Family Estate Rental

Based on the saloon or hatchback model, a seven-seater estate is a smaller vehicle than most MPV’s or SUV’s, and often the most stylish, with models such as the Peugeot 308 SW and upmarket Mercedes E-Class estate. The E-Class estate offers versatility between extra storage space and additional seating, and offers more space than most station wagons, with plenty of storage space and headroom. The 5+2 Peugeot 308 has a long wheelbase, giving extra room for rear passengers and an impressive 610 litres of luggage space even with the back seats in place.

Compact MPV 7 Seater and Minivan Rentals in Morocco

An MPV version of a small family car, a compact MPV offers flexibility and space, whilst being a relatively light vehicle to drive. Popular in Europe, a compact MPV usually has between 5 and 7 seats, with the extra two seats suitable for children or travelling short distances, and is an economical 7 seater rental option. The Citroen Picasso 5+2 seater is a reliable and practical MPV, whilst the Chevrolet Zafira 5+2 seater is also a smart choice for a small minivan with enough space for 7 people and 5 pieces of luggage. Larger MPV’s, Minivans or People Carriers usually come with three rows of seating, situated higher than in regular vehicles for extra legroom and headspace. The Suzuki APV 7 Seater is genuinely comfortable for 7 passengers, whilst the large Renault Grand Espace with Sat Nav is a great diesel MPV for a reliable, safe and practical family vehicle. At the higher end of the MPV sector, luxury MPV’s enable you to carry your passengers in comfort and style. For an executive people carrier, the luxury Mercedes Viano rental or the automatic Chrysler Grand Voyager Diesel are great choices. The Grand Voyager’s clever ‘Stow and Go’ folding seats allow for flexibility and ample storage space, as well as plenty of leg and head room for 7 passengers.

Hire an Automatic or Manual 7 Seater in Morocco

Some drivers prefer the ease of an automatic 7 seater, whilst others feel more in control behind the wheel of a manual vehicle. Whichever your preference, you can choose the ideal 7 seater car for you. The manual transmission Ford Galaxy 7 seater is extremely well designed inside, drives well and is ideal for family travels, whilst the automatic Kia Carnival 7 Seater is one of the most popular minivans on the rental market, and offers enormous amount of comfort and space.

7 Seater Crossover SUV and SUV rentals

An SUV, or Sports Utility Vehicle has a body similar to a stationwagon, but has the off road capabilities of a 4x4. Choose a 7 seat Crossover SUV or a full size SUV and enjoy your family vacation in comfort. Check out the Nissan Qashqai Crossover that combines the benefits of a 4x4 with the easy driving style of a hatchback. The extra two seats are perfect for children, and it is ideal for driving around town as well as longer journeys. The mid-size automatic Ford Flex is a stylish yet very functional full size 7 seater crossover SUV, whilst for a full size SUV, the practical and well-equipped seven-seater Hyundai Santa Fe SUV is a great rental option.

Executive SUV and 4x4 rental

As popularity for SUV’s has grown, so has the demand for luxury SUV’s that provide all the benefits of a 4x4, but with the extreme comfort of a prestige car. The Hyundai Santa Fe is a good example; practical and well equipped, its suspension and tyres make sure the ride is smooth, whilst the engine is refined and quiet. The interior is finished to a high standard and is comfortable for driver and passengers. The automatic 7 seater Range Rover Sport is also a powerful yet sporty 4x4 off-roader, and ideal if you want the ride, comfort and style of a premium SUV. For a large and powerful 4x4 that drives well off road, the 7 seater Land Rover Discovery is your best choice. With a third row of seats that is comfortable for adults, and ample storage space even with 7 seats occupied, this is a great auto for a winter ski vacation, family road trip or off road adventure.

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